Friday, May 27, 2016

Canyon – Justified Grid v2.0.3 – Premium WordPress Gallery

Canyon – Justified Grid v2.0.3 – Premium WordPress Gallery | 677,02 KB

This responsive WordPress gallery plugin aligns your thumbnails into a justified grid using jQuery, like Flickr and Google srch. Make your galleries stand out in an eye-ching and unique new way! Replace the standard WP galleries [gallery] as [justified__grid] with lots of new ftures and options. WordPress manages the galleries and this plugin will display them. Or alternatively you can load s from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or use Next as an manager/source. Unlsh the power of RSS Feeds and pull s from Youtube, Vimeo and s from 500px, Pinterest, deviantART, Stumbleupon, Imgur, Tumblr, blogs and more! Or just make a responsive banner of Recent posts using their ftured s! Also works with custom post types and custom taxonomies. Filter the thumbnails by tags or any taxonomy!


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