Friday, May 27, 2016

Cogzidel DROPinn v1.6 - Airbnb Clone

Whether for business or leisure, on a budget or out to splurge, travelers spend considerable amount of money when going on trips. To state the obvious, the travel industry is practically teeming with lucrative opportunities. But there is an emerging trend about to crte a significant impact in the hotel and accommodation business. In fact, it will virtually change the way the accommodation industry operates.
Gone are the days where large hotel chains and online booking ats browbt small, startup establishments with their aggressive and elaborate marketing schemes. As communiion and online transactions become incrsingly popular and simple through the Internet, the market is no longer monopolized by the big guys.

These days, more and more consumers rlize that they can actually save a lot of money by getting rid of middlemen. Additionally, there are a growing of property owners open to the id of subletting their apartments or spare rooms for extra cash.
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