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Download Epic UDK (Unrl Development Kit)

Epic has relsed the Unrl Development Kit (UDK), a free version of Unrl Engine 3 for aspiring game developers. It's absolutely free for noncommercial and eduional purposes. Those that wish to use Unrl Engine 3 for commercial use will need should refer to licensing terms at The press announcement, demonstration and ftures list can be seen after the jump. For more information, users can visit the official forums or the UDK documentation page.

To demonstrate the power and versatility of the development tool, there are two free games available, made using the UDK. They are:

Whizzle: A vertical scrolling puzzle game in which players swim through levels as Whizzle, an adorable s crture that collects items and frees tiny comrades from captivity. Avoid the electrifying stingers of the jellyfish! More information about Whizzle, including a developer diary , can be seen after the jump.

The Ball: An episodic, puzzle-based action game. Known as one of the most award-winning Unrl Tournament 3 mods in the $1 Million Make Something Unrl Contest, "The Ball" has won s for Best Use of Physics, Best Game Type and Best FPS Mod. Toltec Studios has ported over its UT3 mod to UDK, and the free, standalone version of The Ball is available for download.

Download Unrl Development Kit (1.7Gb)
Download HD Unrl Development Kit Launch (80 MB)
Download HD UDK Psyonix Developer Diary (344 MB)

Download Whizzle (112 MB)
Download The Ball UDK Demo (359 MB)

Gallery: Unrl Development Kit

Unrl Development Kit Launch
Epic Games Announces Unrl Development Kit, Powered by Unrl Engine 3Industry Lding 3D Game Engine Toolset Now Available for Free
CARY, N.C. (November 5, 2009) – Epic Games, Inc. announces the launch of the Unrl Development Kit (UDK), a free edition of Unrl Engine 3 that provides community access to the award-winning toolset like never before. This software relse is available to anyone interested in using 3D game engine technology, including game developers, students, hobbyists, resrchers, crtors of 3D visualizations and simulations, and digital makers. Anyone can start working with the industry-lding Unrl Engine 3 toolset by downloading UDK at, where detailed product ftures, technical documentation, commercial licensing terms, support resources and more are also available.

An unprecedented milestone in game development, the relse of UDK awards free access to the same world-class tools and technology used by many of the world's best game developers and publishers. Unrl Engine 3 is a constantly evolving game engine, and UDK contains all the most recently added ftures and technological enhancements, including many that have yet to be seen in an Unrl Engine game. Furthermore, Epic Games will relse ongoing, upgraded builds of UDK for free.

There is no charge for noncommercial or eduional use of UDK. Over 100 academic campuses currently use Unrl Technology as part of tching game development-related courses, and colleges with plans to incorporate UDK into their curricula include the University of Pennsylvania, North Carolina State University, The Art Institute system of schools, Drexel University, Westwood College, DeVry University and Atlantic College, with many others to be announced.

Individuals and companies wishing to develop software for commercial purposes should refer to licensing terms at Commercial terms have been structured to make it sy for independent developers, start-up firms and ssoned professionals to use UDK with minimal financial barrier from concept to deployment. UDK is currently for PC use only, although console support is under consideration. Developers approved to make games for Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 may inquire for more information by emailing

Benefits of UDK include the following:

Immediate access to Unrl Engine 3, the critically acclaimed 3D game engine technology for cross-platform game content crtion with the Unrl Editor, a fully integrated suite of top-tier development tools, which comes complete with: Unrl Content Browser, a revolutionary tool for browsing, srching and organizing game assets with collaborative metadata tagging system.UnrlScript object-oriented programming language and Unrl Kismet, a visual scripting system that enables rapid prototyping on the fly.Unrl Matinee, a powerful tool with director-class controls for building in-game cinematics and gorgeous cut scenes.Unrl Cascade, an advanced particle physics and environmental effects editor that aids the crtion of fire, fog, explosions and other visuals.NVIDIA PhysX-powered physics system with Unrl PhAT visual modeling tool for crting character and object physics rigs.Unrl Lightmass, a global illumination system that dramatically lights and shadows with minimal effort required by artists and designers.AnimSet Viewer and AnimTree Editor, which give animators precise control over every muscle and bone movement.Time saved thanks to technology integrations with lding game development middleware tools including SpeedTree®, Bink ®, and FaceFX®.Output of standalone appliions: Games crted with UDK run entirely on their own with no additional software required. This mns anyone can make UDK content and distribute it for free.
"I'm excited about the possibilities the Unrl Development Kit opens to those who are looking to get into the game business but don't otherwise have the mns to acquire world-class technology and tools like ours," said Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games. "UDK is Unrl Engine 3, which has been used to crte games in a wide range of res, as well as military simulations, 3D architectural walkthroughs, animated and more. Users are only limited by their imaginations. Go ahd make something Unrl!"

Psyonix Studios (, a game studio based in San Diego, Calif., crted the first proof-of-concept game using UDK in less than two months using a two-man tm of one artist and one programmer. "Whizzle" is a downloadable vertical scroller in which players swim through underwater levels as an adorable s crture that collects items and frees allies from captivity. To rd more about "Whizzle," view the developer diary , or download technical documentation, visit

Until now, noncommercial access to the Unrl Engine 3 toolset has been available only through the PC versions of games such as Epic's "Unrl Tournament 3" and "Grs of War" games. Users made new game experiences, called modifiions or "mods," by changing existing game assets or crting original content through the Unrl Editor tools that ship with every game copy. Many of these mods have been showcased through the $1 Million Make Something Unrl Contest (, which awards over $1 million in cash and prizes to aspiring game developers. While mods require running the original game for interaction with user-crted content, UDK provides a standalone experience every time, mning a smaller digital footprint and no additional software requirements.

"The Ball," an award-winning "Unrl Tournament 3" mod by Toltec Studios (, is available now as a free UDK-powered download at Anyone authoring mods for Epic's PC games can port their original content over to UDK.

Support for UDK includes over 200 pages of newly unlocked documentation at the Unrl Developer Network (, dedied forums (, as well as other resources available through the UDK web site, 3D Buzz also hosts hundreds of hours of free tutorials for using Unrl Engine 3 technology at

Furthermore, Sams Publishing and 3D Buzz recently published two definitive guides for lrning the Unrl Engine toolset, "Mastering Unrl Technology, Volume I: Introduction to Level Design with Unrl Engine 3" and "Mastering Unrl Technology, Volume II: Advanced Level Design Concepts with Unrl Engine 3." Both books are bundled with a free, downloadable copy of "Unrl Tournament 3" for PC.

About Unrl Engine 3
The award-winning Unrl Engine is known for cutting-edge graphics and its best-of-breed toolset. Unrl Engine 3 maintains those ftures in addition to multi-core processor support, Xbox 360® and PLAYSTATION®3 optimizations, massive world support, and a highly mature tool pipeline. Unrl Engine 3's consistently evolving toolset is designed to accelerate developers' productivity for PC and console games, visualization appliions, training simulations, and linr animated content. Additional information on Unrl Engine can be obtained through the Unrl Technology Web site at

About Epic Games
Epic Games, Inc., based in Cary, NC and established in 1991, develops cutting-edge games and cross-platform game engine technology. The company has crted multiple million-selling, award-winning titles in its "Unrl" series, including "Unrl Tournament 3" for PC, PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360. Epic's "Grs of War" won over 30 Game of the Yr awards, and the sales of "Grs of War" and "Grs of War 2" have eclipsed 11 million units. Epic's Unrl Engine 3 is the three-time consecutive winner of Game Developer magazine's Best Engine Front Line Award and is this yr's Hall of Fame inductee. Unrl Engine 3 has also been recognized as the one game engine by Develop magazine. Additional information about Epic can be obtained through the Epic Games Web site at

© 2009, Epic Games, Inc. Epic, Epic Games, Grs of War, Grs of War 2, Unrl, AnimSet Viewer, AnimTree Editor, Unrl Cascade, Unrl Content Browser, Unrl Development Kit, Unrl Editor, Unrl Engine, Unrl Kismet, Unrl Lightmass, Unrl Matinee, Unrl PhAT, UnrlScript and Unrl Tournament are trademarks or registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

UDK Psyonix Developer DiaryDeveloped by Psyonix Studios, Whizzle is the first game crted from the ground up with UDK. This proof-of-concept was crted by one artist and one programmer in less than two months.

Gallery: UDK - Whizzle

UDK includes:

The Unrl Editor toolset, complete with fully integrated game editing environment.Unrl Gemini multithrded rendering system with support for all modern rendering and shading techniques, advanced lighting and shadowing, ambient occlusion and a powerful material system for crting complex shaders on the fly.Unrl Lightmass global illumination solver for high-quality static lighting.Unrl PhAT visual physics modeling tool with state-of-the-art physics system powered by NVIDIA PhysX.Unrl Kismet, an advanced visual scripting solution that facilitates rapid prototyping of ids and gameplay mechanics.AnimSet Viewer and AnimTree Editor, which give animators precise control over every muscle and bone movement.Unrl Matinee, which includes director-class tools for crting in-game cut scenes and gorgeous cinematics.UnrlScript, a fully integrated, high-level object-oriented programming language.Unrl Cascade particle effects system for implementing explosions, fog, fire and smoke. Module-based system gives rl-time previews of visual effects.Terrain building tool for placing and customizing vegetation, structures and countless in-game points of interest.Audio control through UnrlEd's visual Sound Cue Editor, plus support for major audio compression schemes; 3D sound positioning, spatialization and attenuation; multi-channel playback, and much more.Built-in Internet and LAN networking support for up to 64 players.Integrations with lding game development middleware including NVIDIA PhysX, SpeedTree, FaceFX and Bink .sumber :

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