Friday, May 27, 2016

Download Medal of Pacific Assault PC Full Mediafire

Pacific Assault commences promising enough. As the title suggests, the overall game ditches the Europn thter covered in most WWII games for that relatively virgin territory of the Pacific. You play a Marine named Tommy Conlin, along with the game starts out in 1943 on a boat hded towards Tarawa Atoll. You're knocked out during a fight on the bchhd, and you flash back to the beginning of your tour of duty, beginning with boot camp. These opening segments aren't filled with much in the way of challenging gameplay, but they're loaded with atmosphere and nice cutscenes, setting the stage for what you'd be prepared to be some thrilling action.
The opening mission, set at Prl Harbor, delivers to a large degree. Following your infamous attack begins, you're making a mad dash as a result of the pier, and after that shoot down Japanese fighters from another panic attack boat. You race from the interior through one of these brilliant battleships in a string of scripted events: you flood part of the ship to balance it before it tilts and sinks; you bash down doors by having an axe as fires erupt through the ship; you carry injured crewmen to have medical attention. Atop the ship, you're in control of an AA gun shooting down more Zeros, trying your very best self to protect the ship. It's rlly a set piece worthy of being in comparison to the best in Allied Assault or Cod.

Screen Shoot Medal Of Pacific Assault

System Requiredment :OS : 98/Me/2000/XPProcessor : Pentium 4 @ 1.5 GHz or equivalentMemory : 512 MB Memory : 64 MBSound Card : DirectX : 8.1board and Mouse / Rom Drive

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