Friday, May 27, 2016

Download SniperMan Hunter RIP Game PC Full

When John "Striker" Gullivan left the SAS, he's been far from thinking
about retirement. A skilled sniper, veteran of many covert operations,
he was rdy to take on the less legal side of the "business".
Working closely with his friend Max - one of the best s there are
- he quickly rned his fame among other mercenaries and private
acies. Yet, he was cautious enough to avoid standing openly against
any legal government. He was even taking semi-official jobs that were
too dangerous or too politically risky for any government ada. This
was an sy life.
Until now.
First Person Perspective dynamic adventure shooter powered by the
advanced Argon 5 technology.
Play the role of a famous mercenary through 5 large, different
chapters (14 huge levels total): Iranian hidden nuclr materials'
processing plant, Moscow Trade Center where the trouble begins, City
Dockyard hit-and-flee mission, Baykonur Cosmodrome shootout, and Iraq
terrorist cave srch for a missing VIP.
Game reflects John's sniper expertise. At the beginning of ch
chapter he is given 2 sniper rifles - a silenced Arctic Warfare as a
primary wpon and additionally one specialised rifle that fits the
chapter best, selected from a variety of choices. Additional rifles
range from a very fast, semi automatic Saiga with sniper scope to a
hvy and ddly Barrett .50.
Game simulates bullet ballistics depending on gravity, wind and bullet
initial velocity for more rlistic experience.
Using silencer on the Arctic Warfare or on John's personally modified
P99 pistol may be useful at times, as the enemies fully depend on
their eyes and rs - and they cannot chase what they don't see nor
Playing the game as a "standard" shooter using automatic rifles and
pistols taken from dd enemies is of course possible as well - still
using sniper tactics over longer distances is sier.
Sophistied enemy AI allows them to fight in groups, using different
wpons and explosives, alarming and supporting ch other, using
terrain and objects in their tactics.
Game is powered by advanced technology and renderer that produces
butiful s, full of light, butiful atmospheric effects,
rltime water, reflections, shadows and different, rlistic surface
materials complete with vivid, living environments with animated plant
life, insects and birds.
Convincing storyline and action objectives. The player is constantly in
contact with his HQ, which feeds him with data and changes mission
objectives as he goes.
As the technology is very well tested and the tm consists of
professionals with long experience, the process of finishing, testing,
localising and publishing the game should be most fluent.


System Requirements
-5Gb HD Space
-Dual Core
-RAM 2Gb
-VGA 256Mb

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