Friday, May 27, 2016

Jailbrk PS3 with iPhone

For this you need one of the following:
iPhone 2G iPhone 3G iPod Touch 1st (unsure) And they need to be jail on iOS 3.1.2, 4.0, 4.0.1 or 4.0.2.
Also your PS3 must be firmware 3.41.
Download Files:
iPhone 2G - PSfreedom iPhone 3G - PSfreedom
Once you've downloaded the appropriate files, extract the folder to desktop and open the "iPhoDroid.exe"

Connect your iPhone anc click "shoot".
This will start to install the package to your phone (don't worry, it's not permanent)
Now your iPhone screen will look like this:

Use the power button (on the top) to scroll to the "Install" button and click the home button to select it.
You should now see a bunch of scrolling text, lve it for 3-5 minutes until your screen looks like this and the text has stopped scrolling:

Once it's finished, restart your phone by holding the top + home button down for a few seconds.
Now turn off your PS3 with the switch on the back (so there's no red light on the front)
Plug your phone in and this time select the Android logo on the OpeniBoot screen.
There should be a load of blue text scrolling down, when it says "Loading kernel" turn on your PS3 and press the eject button immediately.
Wait for it to do it's thing, and when you see the Linux penguin in the top-left it should be done.
You should now see 2 new sub-sections under "Game" on your PS3: "PS3_GAME" and "Install Package Files". If you don't then you didn't do it right.
Your PS3 is now Jail!
Homebrew downloads:
Backup manager (for backing up game discs) To install, put the .pkg on the root (not in a folder) of a FAT32-formatted USB stick and install it using the "Install Package Files" option in the XMB.

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