Friday, May 27, 2016

Paid4Upload File hosting PPD script

Paid4Upload File hosting PPD scriptPaid4Upload File hosting PPD script – Hot Script!
The perfect solution for your site affiliates which allows them to see what the Referring URL was and which country the traffic came from.
As Well as allowing users to see rl time statistics of how many visits their file has had.

With the new technology we have implemented into this script you can now place the files anywhere on the internet.
You can even place them outside the Web Root for improved security to allow no access to the files.

If you ever come to the point where you need to send an Email to all users on your site you’re in the perfect place.
You can now send a mass email to all your members through a simple submit button loed in your admin panel.

We have taken our script to the next level, Not only by providing a unique script but providing unique ftures such as FTP Uploading,
Country statistics, Host files where ever you like and much more.

ncluded ftures
The ftures you will get inside our product are the following:
Core P Installer
OOP Technology
Simplex Coding
Unique Admin Panel
Guide to setup
Download Link 1Download Link 2
Download Link 3
Download Link 4
Download Link 5
Download Link 6
Download Link 7

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