Friday, May 27, 2016

How to Unban your Xbox 360

This is a very sy tutorial on how to unban your jtag1. Download this file and extract and unzip it to your desktop. 2.Next you are going to want to take the file that you downloaded and put it on a usb or your hdd.
3.Then you are going to want to take your usb/hdd out of your computer and plug it into your jtag.
4.From there you are going to want to load up xexmenu 1.1 and click RB the X and select where your usb/hdd is.
5.Now you are going to want to run Flash 360 and then click X then A This will put a file called flashdmp.bin on your usb/hdd.
6.Next thing to do is take out the usb of your jtag and insert it into your computer and take flashdmp.bin and extract to your desktop.
7.Once you have extracted it you are gonna want to open 360 flash tool found here
8.Open up 360 flash tool and click the tab up at the top once opened make sure the 1bl and cpu boxes are checked and not the xex1 and xex2
9.Now you will need to find your cpu and put that in the cpu box.
10.Once you have done that press the ... under open file and open the flashdmp.bin.
11.Now click Import on the bottom and Check the Vault box then click the ...and find your kv then press ok.
12.Name the file to updflash This is important that you name it this unless it wont work.
13.once you have your updflash.bin file insert that into where you put flash360 usb/hdd.
14.Take the usb/hdd out of your computer and put it into your jtag once here load up xexmenu 1.1 click RB and then X and find your usb/hdd and then load up flash 360.
15.Once flash 360 has loaded click A B START START A this will start thw writing process and it will tell you a percent complete.
16.Once this has completed you have to press BACK BACK BACK and it will say system shutdown and a counter will display.
17.Once your jtag shuts down count to 10 and then turn it back on.
18.You are now finished and can now sign on to live. WATCH TUTORIAL ON YOUTUBE CLICK HERE

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