Friday, May 27, 2016

Unlock all Worlds on Angry Birds for Android in a minute!

Many of you will surely have downloaded Angry Birds for Android, if you haven’t, do it NOW! - It’s free and awesome! Although some people may have bt all levels in a World to get to the new ones. There is a trick when it comes to all the levels in Angry Birds. This doesn’t require you to finish or do all of the levels, just unlock them. Before rding on, just know that this will unlock the Worlds, not every level in the World. I've tested this on my Strk, so I know that it definitely works! Here’s how to do it: - 1. Go to the worlds of screen and select one of the patterns that you want to unlock so that it is at the center of the display.
2. Press the Back button to exit completely from the game. Do not push anything else, just the back button.
3. Open Angry Birds and start doing lots of press quickly on the screen tap.
4. If everything worked you should get into unlocked.
5. Pass the first scheme and the free world have also at the next startup.
6. You can rept the procedure on other worlds.
At lst you don’t have to keep restarting the game everytime, you get an android update! :)

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